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Situs Gunung Padang

mountain meadow megalithic sites, the largest in southeast asia
 megalithic sites is reputedly the largest mountain meadow in southeast asia. is not far from jakarta, precisely in Cianjur south, but is more easily reached through sukabumi. location is quite remote from the main road, go through the tea plantation area air cool, cool ... hmmm ... quiet and peaceful.

archaeological sites are now starting crowded in closely by the archaeologists, these archaeologists have masing2 his opinion, and they put forward the arguments and examine each other, to show who's the right argument.

Here are thousands of stones that were strewn over the back of Mount Padang a silent witness to the civilization that once inhabited the region thousands of years ago Cianjur. The experts tried to reconstruct the scene ini.Tapi megalithic stone here is not the same with rock rock eruption of the volcano. gain here was mostly rectangular shape, in my opinion like a tree trunk is cut


Gunung Padang site consists of five levels of pages, called terrace is lined on one side of the hill. Tiered terraces overlooking Gunung Gede elongated located 25 kilometers north-west of the site.

According to the Indonesian Architects Association Member Purajatnika Pon, arrangement overlooking Gunung Gede give spiritual guidance paradigm society at that time. Gunung Gede regarded as a symbol of human belief to gunung.Gunung Padang once the sacred ritual, but there are also saying that this arrangement aimed to look at the sky at night, it is more appropriate to read the ratio of the star, can not imagine ancient human progress when they first 've read the constellations
According to the resource location is used as a sun clock to determine the daily movement of the sun. Bagitu sit well with the stone is positioned facing north. From that point, traditional elders can monitor the movement of the stars at the north pole. Elders can also see certain constellations to indicate the change of seasons.

In the evening, the scenery becomes more impressive. As the name implies, Gunung Padang means the place ablaze. This is reasonable because of the location of the community can see a sprinkling of stars in the sky. Once a month, an area of ​​900 square meters is going to be very bright light washed down from the moon.

"The tradition of anticipating the change of seasons by looking at the stars was reduced to traditional farmers today," her great wah.

Timing of farming bertepatannya strengthened by the presence of agricultural location was directly across the river that flows north of the first terrace. Make agriculture a prosperous civilization can survive Gunung Padang in the nature of malignancy.

Other findings related instruments of stone, or commonly referred to as litofon. There are four stones that emit a tone at a specific frequency when struck. At various civilizations, such instruments are widely used to accompany ritual, to build a magical atmosphere at the sacred ceremony. In addition, the sounds can also be used as a means of remote communication to the agricultural community at that time to start planting and harvesting.

There are other possibilities. According Hokky, litofon can also serve as a warning sign. This warning applies when going to war or disaster ahead.

with the natural forces of our ancestors to build natural, rather than destroy it, as did the man right now, we no longer go hand in hand with nature, and a fragile moment when the arrangement began, would be very dangerous
Well this bit of info that I can write,
his busy behind the archaeologists who say there is ` pyramid buried in Mount Sadahurip, Garut, showed that the civilization that inhabited Indonesia in the past have been very advanced. This is not surprising. The reason, Indonesia has long recognized the pyramid of the world.

and also denied
Some geologists and archaeologists deny the existence of pyramid building in the mountain. Sutikno Bronto, geologists who study ancient volcano, said the two mountains was "just" an ancient volcano. Not contain the pyramid mound.

The characteristics of the location of an ancient volcano, continued Sutikno, is a constituent of rocks is the result of local volcanic activity. Age of an ancient volcano Padang more than 2 million years, while Sadahurip thousands of years.

Geologists of BP Migas, Awang Harun Satyana, say, Indonesia recognize the shape of the pyramid, namely punden terraces. To prove the existence of pyramids in Sadahurip and Padang, thorough research is needed.

mountain meadow sites is one vacation destination that is very beautiful and interesting, in addition to tour there we can see the relics of a very interesting and also we can learn cultural community, this site might be there to remind us to always keep the balance of nature.

so what are you waiting, just waiting for your desert mountain sites
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